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A Site-Centric Approach to Clinical Data Collection & Management
Tired of Not Getting Paid? Learn Practical Steps You Can Take Today to Get Paid on Time!
Going eSource: Catch the Wave
Going from Good to GREAT: Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Growing Your Site
Rebuilding or Building a Research Site in the Year 2020
The Impact of Payment Processes on Sites & Patients



A Site-Centric Approach to Clinical Data Collection & Management

Clinical data is the underlying foundation of clinical trials, and investigators must cater to two conflicting agendas when it comes to clinical data management. The first is to manage the requirements of clinical trials, and share the results of clinical trials rapidly. The second is to ensure that all of the patient’s results are aligned with their own long-term personal medical records. A patient-centered culture by design puts the patient at the center of healthcare, and patient observation and interactions are converted to real-time data streams that enrich and accelerate clinical trials. In this session, we will explore the opportunities to bring those two worlds together successfully.

Hugo Cervantes
VP of Vault EDC, Veeva Systems

Richard Young
VP of Vault EDC, Veeva Systems


Tired of Not Getting Paid?
Learn Practical Steps You Can Take Today to Get Paid on Time!

It is well-known that the number one challenge for sites is that they are paid late, often for the wrong amount and frequently not in full for a study.   Foundational to this challenge is that sites lack any transparency or visibility into the financial status of their studies, leaving them insurmountable reconciliation workload and significant dissatisfaction. With a limited supply of qualified sites to ensure effective clinical research is performed, sponsors and CROs alike are eager to ensure their sites remain satisfied and focused on investigational work vs. financial distractions.  All involved in the payment conundrum can minimize the negative investigator financial situation by learning and applying best practices for payment set up and parameters.

April Mulroney
Managing Director, Payments, Medidata Solutions

Kevin Williams, MS, MBA
President, Transcend Trials


Going eSource: Catch the Wave

eSource is the next wave of technology in the industry. Learn how eSource can help sites manage complexity, streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve sponsor relationships. This seminar will feature case studies from research sites that have made the successful transition from paper to eSource; they will share the benefits they experienced and the lessons they learned. Participants will work on designing eSource templates and understand the differences between paper and electronic source documents. We will conclude with a discussion on how to assess site readiness; how to create a roadmap for implementation; what ROI to expect; and what type of compliance and SOP’s to put in place to embracing the new technology of eSource.

Raymond Nomizu, JD
Co-Founder, Clinical Research IO

David Rodin
CEO, Amici Clinical Research

Jeff Stein, MBA

Nicole Cureton, MA, CCRC
Lead Site Coordinator, Quality Clinical Research


Going from Good to GREAT:
Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Growing Your Site

Every site wants to experience growth and be successful along the way.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to stumble and make wrong decisions when you’re doing something you’ve never done before.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the tools, wisdom and insights to avoid the most common mistakes? In this interactive workshop, industry experts will share lessons they've learned and strategies they've developed to grow and advance clinical research sites. this will be a lively workshop with lots of time for questions and dialog. Sites will develop their own roadmap for success and receive tools and resources to use after the Site Solutions Summit.

Cathy Collins, MSN
CEO, Clinical Consulting Solutions

Steve Satek, MBA
President & Co-Founder, Great Lakes Clinical Research

Sean Stanton
Sr. VP Global Operations, Bioclinica Research Network


Rebuilding or Building a Research Site in the Year 2020

Yes, we said it. This session is for everyone including experienced and novice Investigators, owners, managers, marketing specialists, and those with a forward-thinking vision. We will be building and rebuilding a research site from the ground up in order to transform a site into a premier site of the future. Our speakers will touch upon financial tracking and how crucial it is to understand your ongoing revenues, cash flow, and bottom line; how to maximize patient populations within your focused study areas; enhancements to site operations and technology, how to land more competitive studies and more. This workshop will provide real examples, demonstrations, and supply useful tools such as suggested Key Performance Indicators and handouts including job descriptions, sample staff payment models, and other start up financial trackers. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind engaging session to rev up your site’s success.

Christian Burns
President & Co-Founder, ClinEdge

Scott Palmese, MS
VP of Site Network, BTC Network

Amanda Wright
Executive Director, Greater Gift


The Impact of Payment Processes on Sites & Patients

Look at 5 key issues facing sites today and the impact that payments/financial activities have on these issues. Each of these issues are impacted by participant or site payments (or both!). We will present the industry data and insights then discuss how to address these issues. Key issues identified: 1) Patient recruitment/diversity, 2) Financial visibility/control, 3) "Softwareitis" (too many solutions promising to save time), 4) Communication, education, keeping site staff engaged, and 5) Protocol complexity.

Jim Murphy, MS
CEO, Greenphire

Rhonda ​Ehmann, RN, BSN, MSN, PMP
US Feasibility & Recruitment Partner, Site Management & Monitoring, Clinical Operations, ​AstraZeneca

Kelly White, MSN, RN
Global Operations Lead, Oncology, Merck

Location: See Program for Room Location Date: October 6, 2017 Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm