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A Site-Centric Approach to Clinical Data Collection and Management
Fair Market Value and Its Impact on Your Site
Going eSource: Catch the Wave
Going from Good to GREAT: Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Growing Your Site
Pros & Cons in Site Outsourcing Strategies
The Impact of Payment Processes (Both Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements) on Study


A Site-Centric Approach to Clinical Data Collection and Management

Clinical data is the underlying foundation of clinical trials, and investigators must cater to two conflicting agendas when it comes to clinical data management. The first is to manage the requirements of clinical trials and share the results of clinical trials rapidly. The second is to ensure that all of the patient’s own results are aligned with their own long term personal medical records. A patient-centered culture by design puts the patient at the center of healthcare, and patient observation and interactions are converted to real-time data streams that enrich and accelerate clinical trials. We will explore the opportunities to bring those two worlds together successfully.

Richard Young
VP of Vault EDC, Veeva Systems


Fair Market Value and Its Impact on Your Site

Currently, there is no standard pricing models available to sites. Site compensation is established and available to industry via various fair market value programs. Understand how each time your site accepts compensation below your cost you contribute to the calculation which establishes fair market value. Once fair market value is established, there are numerous regulatory and legal complications that industry is bound to. Therefore, it is critical for your site to understand their cost. Data from recent research will highlight examples of site's costs versus fair market value, and tools will be provided to help your site establish their costs.

Ken McFarlane
Principal Engagement Consultant, Medidata

April Mulroney
Managing Director, Payments, Medidata


Going eSource: Catch the Wave

eSource is the next wave of technology in the industry. Learn how eSource can help sites manage complexity, streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve sponsor relationships. Case studies from research sites that have made the successful transition from paper to eSource will highlights benefits experienced and lessons learned. Participants will work on designing eSource templates. We will conclude with a discussion on how to assess site readiness; how to create a roadmap for implementation; what ROI to expect; and what type of compliance and SOP’s to put in place as you move to embracing the new technology of eSource.

Raymond Nomizu
Co-Founder, Clinical Research IO


Going from Good to GREAT:
Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Growing Your Site

Every site wants to experience growth and be successful along the way.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to stumble and make wrong decisions when you’re doing something you’ve never done before.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the tools, wisdom and insights to avoid the most common mistakes? 

In this interactive workshop, industry experts will share lessons they learned and strategies they developed to grow and advance clinical research sites over the course of their careers. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions of the panel, develop their own roadmap for success and receive tools and resources to use after the Summit.

Cathy Collins
CEO, Clinical Consulting Solutions

Steve Satek
CEO, Great Lakes Clinical Research

Sean Stanton
Sr. VP Global Operations, Bioclinica Research Network


Pros & Cons in Site Oursourcing Strategies

Studies are getting more demanding while site budgets seem to be getting smaller. We will discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing various clinical services for sites and how to maximize your site’s time and budgets. We will provide insights on the different strategies and services and how they might impact the efficiency and success of the demanding clinical trials sites conduct. Included will be business development, marketing, online and traditional advertising, financial management, call center related services, technology, clinical coordinators, and more.

Christian Burns
President, ClinEdge

Rick Greenfield
Chief Executive Officer, RealTime Software Solutions


The Impact of Payment Processes
(Both Site Payments and Patient Reimbursements) on Study

Learn best practices for using payment automation solutions, discuss difficulties with software, collaborate on getting team to embrace new solutions. In this workshop, you will understand how to use patient reimbursement automation including how to "pass" this with ethics committees; learn best practices for reporting/measuring impact; and understand site payment technology landscape, what solutions are available, and the opportunity for full payment lifecycle solutions.

Jim Murphy
CEO, Greenphire

Location: See Program for Room Location Date: October 6, 2017 Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm