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Being the Site of Choice, Every Time
Competing Against a Site-less Future: Are You Prepared?
eRegulatory: Is it Worth it for Your Site?
Power to the Patient: Clinical Trials as a Care Option
Enhancing the Clinical Trial Journey for Sites & Patients


Being the Site of Choice, Every Time

Trust-building is one of the most important activities any organization can engage in – the more your partners trust you, the more business you will receive. In this interactive workshop, speakers will share insight into industry trends and address market position, tactics on site payment strategies, and legal language that protects both the site and the sponsor. The information shared will enable you to build effective teams and create trust with your partners.

Kevin Cash
Sr. Legal Analyst, PRA Health Science

Jeannie Inge
Executive Director Finance & Accounting, PRA Health Science

Vaughn Jenkins
Associate Director, PRA Health Science

Competing Against a Site-less Future: Are You Prepared?

As technology takes on a bigger role within clinical research, some organizations are attempting to create “site-less” – also known as decentralized or 100% virtual – clinical trials. Are sites aware? What is the solution to remain sustainable in the future clinical research landscape? Sites must ensure their organization is positioned well within this future, and preparing to adopt hybrid trials by combining virtual and in-person visits is the breeding ground of success. This workshop will provide a high level of understanding of what a site-less trial is, the benefits of conducting hybrid visits, and what you can do to promote your sustainability. Basic telemedicine etiquette will also be discussed.

Kim Kundert
VP Operations, VirTrial

Amanda Rangel
VP of Business Development, VirTrial

eRegulatory: Is it Worth it for Your Site?

eRegulatory for sites is an increasing trend. However, most sites are still utilizing paper, shared drives or other similar systems to organize, manage, and access study documents. Site staff are already overwhelmed with the important work of seeing more patients and conducting high-quality research, with limited time and money to invest in process improvement. For better or for worse, the priorities of today often trump the opportunities of the future. Is eRegulatory transformative enough to invest the time, money, and effort required to successfully implement it at your site?

This interactive panel will help sites identify the value of eRegulatory and determine if it makes sense to implement. You will leave prepared to go on the journey by listening to sites discuss their onboarding process and interactions with monitors, sponsors, investigators and staff.


Power to the Patient: Clinical Trials as a Care Option

The patient journey has changed in recent years as the industry trends toward patient centricity. Sites can and should “market” their clinical trials not only to increase data quality, but also to educate potential patients that this care option exists. This workshop will use research-based findings to explore how recognizing and supporting new dynamics in the patient journey can positively impact offering clinical trials as a care option.

Gretchen Goller
Global Head, Patient Recruitment & Retention, ICON Clinical Research Services

Kristin Kinlaw
Director of Communications, PMG Research


Enhancing the Clinical Trial Journey for Sites & Patients

Pharma has been working to better understand the current clinical trial experience for investigational sites and their patients in order to deliver a more positive and efficient experience. By understanding key activities, motivators, barriers, pain points and key moments that matter, sponsors are able to utilize insights gained to create innovative ideas and prioritize new initiatives that can improve the clinical trial process for all involved. Gain an understanding of tactics and strategies being utilized by sponsor organizations to better engage with sites and patients.

Carolyn Brehm
BMS Study Connect Business Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Sharon Hanlon
Head of Clinical Trial Engagement & Enrollment, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Marvy Whiteside
Head of Regional Clinical Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Location: Date: October 11, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm